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Штап од волфрамовог карбида са отвором за расхладну течност

Штап од волфрамовог карбида са отвором за расхладну течност

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ИЛ10.2 Екструзијски синтеровани штап од волфрамовог карбида са једном рупом 0.15 мм

Место порекла: Зхузхоу, Хунан

Име бренда: Зхенфанг

Сертификација: ИСО9001:2015

Оцена: ЗФ-Р489

Минимална количина поруџбине: 10 ком

Цена по договору

Време испоруке: 3-10 дана

Услови плаћања: Л/Ц, Д/А, Д/П, Т/Т, Вестерн Унион

Способност снабдевања: 15 тона / месец



materijal:100% virgin tungsten carbide raw material
Димензије:OD3*ID0.15*330mm  various size for choose
Blank Tolerance:OD:+-0.3mm    ID:+-0.05mm
Тип:carbide hollow round rod
Површина:blank or grinding
Процес производње:Снажно мешање-Прешање-ХИП синтеровање-Бланк- Обрада- Завршено
перформансеHigh hardness, wear /corrosion resistancce, good toughness, good straightness
Примена:production various types electrical machine & electronic progressive dies and punches.And ceramics, printing machine, plastic, rubber, leather industry and cutting machines.
Non-standard or toleranceМоже бити прилагођен

Tungsten carbide rod with single hole is tungsten carbide round rod, which has one radial holes.These rods are mainly used for manufacturing mills, drills, drill bits and other tools, but we also use them for processing cold heading die, stamping die, cold punching ball, warheads, watch parts for stamping, punching battery shell, toothpaste tubes and other molds.

But we cannot omit the fact that tungsten carbide rod with single hole if used for making knife or parts of mold, they are clamped in circular shaft, which is not conducive to the cutter and mold clamping. Of course, we are able to provide quality Tungsten Carbide Single Hole Rods

Our common size models:

Size range(ODXIDXL mm)Detail size and blank tolerance
OD( mm)ИД (мм)Л (мм)
We are able to help you customized various diameter and length carbide rod

Material Physical Properties:

1) Hardness greater than or equal to HRA 92.5;

2) TRS greater than or equal to 3800 N/mm²;

3) Density greater than or equal to 14.2 g/cm³;

4) Porosity = A00 / B00 / C00;

5) No contamination by other materials;

6) Free of ETA phase condition;

7) Uniform and consistent grain size. No grain size can be larger than specified.

Some grade information for reference

РазредГустина г/цм3Hardness HRA(hv)T.R.S      (M Pa)Performances &applications recommended
ИЛКСНУМКС14.592.53800Wear resistance and strength comparatively higher,suitable for processing cast iron, non-ferrous metal and non-metalloid materials.
ИГКСНУМКС14.989.52150Good Wear resistance, used for hard wood,processing original wood,aluminum section bar,brass rod and cast iron.
ИГКСНУМКС14.6892320Suitable for the roughening of cast iron and light alloys and also for the milling of cast iron and low-alloy steel.
ИГКСНУМКС14.487.52260Medium grain, for wear parts and mining tools
ИГКСНУМКС14.186.52400Medium grain, for mining tools, cold heading and punching dies
ИС2Т14.4592.52800Fine carbide,high wear resistance,high bending strength,high resistance to bonding, high thermal strength.Machining of refractory alloys, stainless steel and high manganese steel etc.Mainly used for disc cutter and other tools
ИНи814.688.51710This grade with 8% nickel binder, it has good wear resistance& corrosion resistance performance ,especially used for high pressure environmental , also good for cutting the titanium alloy.

Other tugnsten carbide grade information for reference

YS series grades
РазредИСО опсегГустина г/цм3Hardness HRA(hv)T.R.S     (M Pa)Performances &applications recommended
ИС2ТККСНУМКС14.40-14.6091.52200It is belong with ultrafine grain alloy , suitable for low-speed roughturning, milling, heat-resistant alloy and titanium alloy for the cutters and tap, saw blade milling cutter is best .
ИСКСНУМКСM05,K1013.992.51720Suitable for high, stainless steel, high manganese steel and high temperature alloy, silicon steel sheet, and cutting all kinds of coating materials, also suitable for high hardness cast iron andglass and so on work pieces of rough machining, finish machining.
ИСКСНУМКСM05,K1014.30-14.5091.52650Suitable for high nickel iron, ball mill infinite chilled cast iron and white iron rough and finish machining, also used in rough machining and finish machining of cast iron.
ИСКСНУМКСП20, П4012.80-13.2091.02000Suitable for carbon steel, cast steel, high manganese steel, high strength steel and alloy steel rough turning, milling and planing.
ИСКСНУМКСП25, П3012.45911800Alloy ultra fine particles, suitable for large feeding high efficiency milling all kinds of steel, especially the alloy steel milling.
ИСКСНУМКС13.95-14.25922000It is belong ultra fine grain alloy, suitable for high speed car, milling, heat-resistant alloy and titanium alloy for the cutters and tap, saw blade milling cutter is best

Cutting steel class grade

ИТКСНУМКСПКСНУМКС11.50-13.2090.01750Suitable for heavy duty cutting of steel and cast steel and for a low-speed and medium-speed and a big feed-rate roughing operation under unfavorable machining conditions
ИТКСНУМКСПКСНУМКС11.20-11.8091.01550Suitable for semi-finishing and finishing machining of steel and cast steel, using a medium feed-rate
ИТКСНУМКСПКСНУМКС11.10-11.6091.51500Suitable for semi-finishing and finishing machining of steel and cast steel and a medium feed-rate and a rather high cutting speed is to be recommended
ИЦКСНУМКСПКСНУМКС13.00-13.4089.51860Suitable for heavy duty cutting of steel and cast steel with a possible big feed-rate and for face milling as well.
ИВКСНУМКСМКСНУМКС12.85-13.4092.01380Suitable for semi-finishing and finishing of stainless and ordinary alloyed steel
ИВКСНУМКСМКСНУМКС12.65-13.3591.01680Suitable for semi-finishing and finishing of stainless and low alloyed steel, mainly used for machining of trains' wheel hubs
ИВКСНУМКСМКСНУМКС12.85-13.1092.01420It is suitable for semi-finishing and finishing of stainless and ordinary alloyed steel

Our factory advantage of tungsten carbide rod with single hole

1. Focusing on manufacturing tungsten carbide products over 13 years.

2. Specialist manufacturer equipped with advanced processing machines

3. Over 15 tons/month productivity to assure sustainable supply of products

4. Full ability to accept OEM & ODM orders

5. Stringent quality control and quality consistency.

6. Strict inspection for quality of raw material and finished products


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